"Land, Water, Minerals, and a Billion Dollar Tribal Government; all we need is the right leader to bring them together. That leader is Kenneth Maryboy."


Real Economic Development

Governments that fully understand what is won and lost in the economic game surround us and they are winning every time. The Navajo Nation cannot sit back and allow all of our money to flow off the reservation into State Treasuries.

Accountable Resource Management

We have a Billion Dollar Tribal Government with dozens of Departments, Divisions and Enterprises. We have over 27 Thousand Square Miles of asset rich land. Kenneth’s will account for these massive resources and ensure we don’t win any more Golden Hammer Awards!

Strong Leadership

Kenneth has built a reputation as a person others can work with. His long tenure in the Tribal Council and County Commission has allowed him to form strong bonds with State and Federal Officials. Kenneth goes beyond petty politics and works well with both Democrats and Republicans to get the job done for Navajo!

Leader of the Future, Guardian of the Past.

Make Sure You’re Registered To Vote!

The last day to register for the Primary Election is July 28th, 2014. For more information visit the Navajo Nation Election Administration Here. The Navajo Nation Primary Election is August 26th, 2014.